Our Story...

As an independent company, we began working with Thermostatic Industries in 2007.  After about 7 years working diligently together, building Thermostatic Industries, we approached them about Thermostatic selling online, they were not interested in online sales. So we asked if we could create an independent company separate from Thermostatic Industries to sell all of Thermostatic’s offerings, plus our own products online to companies and people.

Thermostatic agreed and thought it was a great idea.

Thermo Works was born, May 2014!

We started out on the second floor of Thermostatic Industries’ building in Huntington Park, CA. This way we could be close and get the information quickly and directly from Thermostatic. We began building out all the company data and all of the product offerings. Weeks and months were spent building the data. As anyone who has built a website will know, this is a lot of work. Pictures, descriptions, weights, variants, the list goes on.

In 2015, we introduced our Armor Pro product line, and it took off! Built to our specifications and backed by the best textile mills in the world. Armor Pro is setting new standards. All the struggles and late nights have been worth it! In the last 4 years, we have grown exponentially. Our service to our clients is second to none.

Thermo Works is now selling worldwide and offers products from all over the world. Our A.C.E. Sourced Program™ (America, China, Europe) will allow you to get the right products at the right price.


Celebrating over 10 Years in the Industry!

Come let us earn your business too!